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Big military hardware has become obsolete

Aircraft carriers are big & cost lots of money. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine should teach several lessons (e.g., the whole good vs evil thing). We should realize that large pieces of military gear are vulnerable & obsolete. Small missiles take out tanks. Several yrs ago China developed...1/3

a thousand-missile anti-capital ship system. U.S. Navy carriers will be among the first targets in any major (i.e., w/Russia or China) conflict we might have. We’ve done a lot to starve education while dumping $$$ on defense. A lot of that $$$ has been wasted. Carriers are targets that 2/3

have nearly 5,000 ppl on board, each. This isn’t an issue for State gov’t, but I had to say it. I’m Mark Small, GOP candidate for IN House Distr 86. I’m pro-environment, pro-choice, pro-civil rights, pro-voting rts & anti-trump. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 3/3

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