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PEOPLE—YOU NEED TO GET OFF YOUR BUTTS!  Ah—that is a non-scholarly way to start a blog about a case before the United States Supreme Court.
   Why do I write these blogs each day in the lead-up to the 9/25/17 SCOTUS conference?  The Justices need to be aware the public supports an independent investigation in a case before SCOTUS that seeks to void the 2016 election.
   One would think such a case would have received some mention is what people call the main stream media. Radio shows and podcasts have discussed the case. No one from the media at large seems interested.
   The lack of coverage is not the result of a grand conspiracy, but largely because pundits have accepted the results of an illegal election and have taken the attitude we must live with it. .
   First—the election WAS hijacked or hacked or stolen. Trump, Pence and Ryan admit Russia interfered with the election. Their attitude is “so what?”
   Second, the American public has been lulled into a belief a case before SCOTUS could not possibly succeed. The “experts” have said so.
   Bailey, et al v United States, et al, 16-1464, is the only legal action to seek an independent investigation of the 2016 election and, if collusion is found to have occurred between the campaign of the GOP candidate for President and people from Russia, an order that the election be declared void ab initio.   
   Disclosure: I am counsel of record in that case.
   I have found odd my reception from two quite different groups of lawyers.
   One group? Lawyers who represent indigent people. These colleagues of mine listen, smile, and nod as I explain the Petition for Writ of Mandamus asks for independent investigation by a “Special Master” who, under Federal law, has authority to issue subpoenas and obtain evidence.  The Petition cites treason, and other grounds, as how relatively few votes needed in “swing” states to grab the Electoral College were flipped. Petitioners have “standing” as voters.
   These lawyers smile modestly, say they were unaware of the case, wish me luck, and give me a look that says “you’re tilting at windmills again.”
   The other group? Lawyers right-of or quite-to-the right-of center. They nod, some ask to see the Petition for Writ of Mandamus, and say I have stated a good case.
   I write this blog each day in the hope that more people will become aware. I want members of the Court to be aware that people in this country are outraged.
   A lot of people are outraged by the theft of our 2016 elections.  Many are not silent but demonstrate and petition and write letters.
   Time has grown short.
   I ask a favor of the readers of this blog. If, at the very least you agree that an independent investigation should be held, ask three people to read the blogs here, and, if they agree, to ask three more.  
   Visit the website for Revote2017 dot net.
  This effort is not “partisan” for either party.  The effort is to take control of the Oval Office back from a hostile foreign power—Russia.

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