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Alternative Monon Bell "stag" at Broad Ripple Tavern at 5 p.m.

   Alums of DePauw and alums of Wabash should gather at the Broad Ripple Tavern around 5 p.m. as a counter to the males-only "stag" held at about the same time at the Murat. DePauw alumnae and Wabash transgender alums are welcome to attend the informal gathering at 735 Broad Ripple Avenue. The same cannot be said about the "stag," an event that was on hiatus from the late 1980s until a couple of years ago. Wear your school colors, or not. Saturday the game will be played at Blackstock Stadium in Greencastle. Wabash has won the Bell five years in a row.

   I had a case a few years ago in the southern part of the State. When I arrived at court, about 45 minutes early, the judge's secretary said His Honor wanted to meet me. When I entered his office, he extended his hand and smiled. I looked past him at the sheepskin---yes, their school issues diplomas on sheepskin---and asked him if he could read the Latin on his diploma. He cocked his eyebrow. I then asked (as I usually ask alums of the school in Crawfordsville) if he had roomed with the sheep from which his diploma was made or if they enjoyed some sort of concubine relationship after which the sheep was slaughtered in a secret ritual.

   He sighed and said, "You must be a Danny."

   I smiled and said yes. I added, "46 yards, one second," as DePauw had won the Bell a couple of weeks before on a last-second, 46-yard field goal.

   His Honor said something I have heard a lot of the alums of both schools, over the years since I graduated DPU, say: "I didn't really care about the Game when I was in school. But now..." He went on: "At least we are in the national playoffs."

   "Yes, but I don't care if we were 1-9, so long as the one win was against you guys."

   He said, "I feel that way, too. But you need to know something else."

   "What?" I asked. 

   "The deputy prosecutor is a Wabash alum."

   If you oppose this retrograde bizarre "stag" held each year, please join us at BRT at the corner of Carrollton and Broad Ripple. The Game is Saturday. Civil Discourse Now will stream live from Moore's Bar, only a block-and-a-half off DePauw's campus and about five blocks from Blackstock Stadium.

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