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A novel of tweets: football coach without qualifications...

For your amusement ... c. 2021 by mark small. a novel: "Sideline$" CH 1. Liberal arts degrees land one in odd places. In high school I was skinny and short, so sports were not my “thing.” I was president of the Latin Club. Yes, a real “chick magnet.” In college I was only slightly heavier, plus I was a hippie. 1/5

At least I was creative. I could figure out how to solve things, in general, just not how to end my unemployment after they made me receive my degree. I didn’t want to leave college. It was nice and warm and an environment I understood. 2/5

Then a college pal said he knew about a job. The interview fell through, the college pal failed to appear, there only were a few bucks in my pocket and I was 100 miles from home. Only blind - I mean egregiously senseless & stupid - luck hit. 3/5

Add = parts (1) drunken NFL franchise owner (2) cynical unemployed recent grad from college & (3) pro sports’ exemption from antitrust laws. Mix in (4) college grad’s basic knowledge of sports & contract law & martial arts (5) pandemic as a twist and = 4/5

How I was sitting here with a beautiful view of the city’s skyline from a seat on the roof of the county jail contemplating whether I’d be a resident of the facility beneath me or on the sidelines of that stadium over there. This is my story... 5/5

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