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Worried about the economy? Why in the hell look to this iteration of the GOP for answers?

Leaders of this iteration of the GOP are smug in their nihilism, the title “party of No” earned as then-Sen Obama was elected Pres. Problem: once obstruction is a strategy, a shift to doing something positive is difficult. That’s why we must recognize the threat this poses. 1/5

GOP policies: tax breaks 4 vulture capitalists that get fat fr destruction of profitable businesses; tax breaks for the already-rich; eliminating regs that protect the environment; overturning Roe v Wade; & so on. Nothing is positive. They don’t build things. They tear down or bitch. 2/5

Polls indicate people have begun to waver in the wake of Justice Alito’s gutting of Roe & fret about the economy. But voters should not look to this iteration of the GOP for any help on the economy the GOP created: 2017-21 had $7 trillion in new debt & 2.6 million jobs lost. 3/5

Bush I and II hurt the economy. Economic philosophies of this iteration of the GOP are derived from a joke, drawn by Arthur Laffer, on a cocktail napkin. “Trickle down economics” works, but only as a campaign slogan for candidates from this iteration of the GOP. 4/5

We can afford neither nihilists as leaders of one of the 2 major parties, nor false equivalencies controlling our political discourse. I’m Mark Small: pro-voting rights, pro-legalization of drugs, pro-choice GOP nominee for IN House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5

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