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Will anyone defend current slating procedures for candidates for Marion County Superior Court Judges?

   This is an open invitation.  Will anyone accept this invitation to defend the system by which Marion County’s political parties—Democratic and Republican—choose candidates for Superior Court Judges?

   The Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, has described the system as corrupt. A recently retired Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, Justice Boehm, has described the system in similar terms.

   Candidates who wish to run for the office of Superior Court judge must pay a slating fee—to the County Party (each party requires this tribute). If there are 20 judges’ slots open for a given election (as there are now) each party gets 10. That means whomever the candidates who win the party’s primaries are assured victory.

   Problems arise with the notion of having to pay a slating fee. That is not permitted by Judicial Canons. Also, if such a fee can be justified, how much of the fees go for judicial races?

   On Saturday, April 14, on "Cvil Discourse Now" I will act as moderator on the issue of manner of selection of judges of Marion County.

   Will advocates from one or both parties agree to appear to discuss this issue? If you have watched the Show, we are pretty fair.

   So the offer is open. We shoot at 11 a.m. at Big Hat Books, 6510 Cornell Avenue. Be there at 10:45. E-mail me ( with bio info. Defend the slating system.  

   We shall be fair. Paul Ogden and Greg Bowes—unslated candidates for Republican and Democratic parties, respectively, will be on the panel. I shall moderate.

   Please—will no one defend this system?

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