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Critical Race Theory (“CRT”), as described in new rules governing public schools in Florida,
asserts “that racism is not merely the product of prejudice, but ... is embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons.”

One argument I have not heard from sycophants of trump is that slavery never existed in this country. The evidence, for such narrow minds as theirs, is persuasive. After all, no living person can state she or he saw people held in slavery.

Some might whine that Kane Tanaka, the oldest person alive today, is 118 years old. The 13th Amendment was ratified December 18, 1865, nearly 156 years ago. If it is really important to produce such witnesses, they can be raised from the dead.

Then, there is The Constitution, the living document upon which our (thankfully to date) secular country was founded, in the original text of which mentions neither “slave” nor any derivation of that word. Amendments only mention slavery as abolished.

Amendment XIII, §1 states: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude ... shall exist within the United States...” Such brilliant right wing observers as Alex Jones might point out that there is no mention that slavery existed; the Amendment merely was benevolent surplusage.

Of course (slightly) more people died in service of the military of the United States and of the States that committed treason by seceding from the Union in that conflagration known as The Civil War, but, on closer examination, even that event is questionable.

1) No “war” ever was declared. (Pres Lincoln refused to treat the seceding States as anything but treasonous actors.) 2) 2/3 of soldiers died of camp disease, not in battle, as in a “war.” (Note: illness killed majority of people in uniform in armed conflicts through WWI.)

3) The States of the Union made no mention of abolition of slavery as a goal. (Of course that is a fact that underlines how slavery was embedded in “our” system. Pres Lincoln even could tolerate slavery if it meant keeping the Union intact.)

Perhaps Indiana AG Todd Rokita, and others of his ilk, want to teach children only “history” that is pleasant with lessons derived from a more pleasant time, like the 1930s (when some former slaves still were alive) and Hollywood movies.

Those films depicted slaves as happy. Ronald Reagan pined for such times - the 1930s, not the 1860s. Then again Reagan is the only American President (of whom we know) to have worn a Nazi uniform (“Desperate Journey,” 1942). We know Nazis exist: watch trump rallies.

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