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People close to me, whom I respect, don’t understand why I am a Republican after a life spent as a person not GOP. Others, who cling to a GOP as bastion of conservativism, say I am not a “true Republican”, but the GOP’s articles of incorporation contain no ideology. 1/8

Lee Atwater set the groundwork for double-think. In the early ‘80s he said the GOP should swap out divisive terms (like racial expletives) with race-neutral terms like “busing,” i.e. the GOP should dissemble & deny that which he saw as its real future. 2/8

Atwater’s pitch carried the day. But voters, in a free & democratic system, should be able to take over a political party via majority rule. And Indiana’s GOP was set up to protect the control of a few. “State Committee is the supreme party authority in this state.” (State Rule 1-1.) 3/8

Indiana’s laws of corp entities that R political parties needs changed. In political parties anyone who wants to run for Board of Directors of the State Committee should be able to do if they have the votes, election directors is “governed by the Bylaws of the corporation.” 4/8

There are no links to any “Bylaws” on the websites of the Sec’y of State, Committee or the Party. We can’t tolerate laws that protect the directors when they seek to advance racial discrimination & laws that protect bigots. After all the GOP for decades was progressive. 5/8

The GOP privately-held corporation is not selling goods & services, but seeks power & control. The GOP controls one of the two “major” political parties in Indiana. If the GOP were honest about its purposes it would not be successful. 6/8

Poll parties shielded from unaccountably to voters and whose leadership seems bent on setting up a monarchy is not what the Framers envisioned. If GOP leaders were honest about their goals and had a platform & stated ideology, those persons’ control would be short-lived. 7/8

I’m Mark Small. I’m pro-choice, pro environment, pro-civil rts & anti-gun. I’m GOP candidate for Indiana House District 86. We need to change corporate to enable voter-takeover a political party.I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 8/8

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