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When's the last train out of Baghdad?

   There are several quotes about a foreign power's involvement in Iraq:

   "Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators."

   "Iraq could be a model for development and democracy for the entire region."

   "Our policy is actually working, and if 'prematurely curtailed, the result would be disastrous ... Withdrawal would lead inevitably to anarchy.'"

   "The only way to leave with honor would be to redefine the standards of success and overstate Iraq's achievements."

   Those quotes are from Seymour Morris, Jr's, "American History Revisited," 2010, p. 310. They are statement from British diplomats concerning British involvement in Mesopotamia in the 1920s.

   David Crosby, in "Deja Vu," wrote "We have all been here before." 42 people were killed yesterday in violence in Iraq. We went there for the oil and Bush II's efforts to defend his father's honor. We should withdraw now. After all, the British finally cut losses and left.  

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