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In Febr, 2017, I represented women in Blumstein, et al v. Pence, et al, 16-907, before the U.S. Supreme Court. We sought an order to nullify the 2016 election & argued Russian interference violated Art. IV, sec. 4, of the Constitution, the Invasion Clause. 1/5

That case was dismissed. We filed Bailey, et al v. U.S., 16-1464 & argued broader grounds w/petitioners from both parties in several swing States. That case, in October 2017, was dismissed. Our central focus in both cases was on Russian interference. 2/5

GOP leaders - trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell - said Russia hacked the election. Cyber invasion no longer was simply science fiction. Actions of a person who illegally obtains office are & should be declared void, especially lifetime appointees 3/5

to the federal bench. The indictment alleges trump violated official documents laws. Documents involved sensitive information about our defenses. Putin hates the U.S. & wants to cause chaos. The really long-term spoils are on the Supreme Court. 4/5

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett took oaths as lawyers to obey the law and to defend the Constitution. Actions for their removal from office should not be necessary. They should resign. 5/5

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