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We should not cater to corporations on The World Series---to be won by The Chicago Cubs in 2015.

   As a fan of the Chicago Cubs National League Baseball Club®, I have experienced a lot of anguish. As a citizen of the United States, I have seen my rights erode concomitantly with bestowal of rights on corporations—fictional entities created to shield shareholders from liability (the most popular reason to incorporate).
   Now a sports agent Scott Boras proposes playing The World Series on a neutral field. Boras criticizes the “surprise” of where The World Series is played as bad for the sport, according to Patrick Mooney, of Cubs Insider, wrote yesterday:  
   “Most corporations and most journalists and most everyone involved—because you don’t know where the World Series is going to be until a day or two in advance—they have not budgeted for it ... There’s so much more we can do when we know where the World Series is at. We can have so many events. We can involve corporations. We can have national media, international media. (But not knowing) where the World Series is going to be is making it a regional event.”
   When did it become so important for corporations to be happy? I know—the Chicago Cubs play in Wrigley Field, and Wrigley gum is manufactured by a corporation. The Cubs ball club is a corporate entity. Corporations, however, do not watch baseball. Corporations cannot watch anything. A corporation is a fictional entity. A corporation can no more watch The World Series than it can be punished criminally and sentenced to prison.
   The article cites low viewer ratings for The World Series.
   Yes, viewer ratings for The World Series have been low. There are a few things we could do, other than prostrate ourselves once again before sports machines, to get people more interested in the Series—and in the game of baseball.
   1) There should be fewer playoff games. The playoffs should last—maybe—one week. By the time we get to The World Series, who remembers who is playing?
   2) There should be more day games. I understand people want to watch the games after work, but baseball played during daytime is part of its appeal to many of us. Corporations cannot discern night from day: corporations are not sentient beings.
   3) Opening pitch for a Series night game should be no later than 6 pm EST. I know to the extent that corporations can “want” anything, they want to appeal to viewers on the west coast. By the seventh inning, the clock here is almost at 12. Kids cannot stay up that late. That loses younger generations to other sports.
   4) Baseball, generally, would improve if the season were shortened. More double headers could be played. I have written before: baseball is a summer game and we should not watch people sitting in stands freezing their asses off in November watching baseball.
   5) And hurry up the play. Umps can do that under the current rules.
   So, I say screw Scott Boras. At least his suggestion is too late to affect the 2015 World Series. After all, as Professor Brown says in “Back to the Future,” the Chicago Cubs win The World Series in 2015.
   I will take a prediction by a character of fiction—Professor Brown—over the imagined desires of a fictional entity—corporation—any day.  

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