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   We stream "live" on Ustream®. I was unaware that The Show has a link to the website and automatically provides access to archived shows. I should have taken that course in FORTRAN in undergrad.

   Yesterday’s Show was great. A lot of people showed up at The Recovery Room Lounge to show their opposition to the smoking ban in Indy. There were a lot of interesting points made:

-ALL of the bar owners noted loss of business since the ban took effect.

-Other businesses—juke box companies, game (electronic/dart/pool) companies, "smoke-eater" machine companies—are affected.

-A couple of the owners who came on camera are non-smokers, chose to allow smoking in their establishments, and wish to be able to do so still.

-A former City-County Council member noted that during hearings on the smoking ban in 2009, a bar employee complained that she wanted smoking banned.  When asked if she had worked in a non-smoking bar previously, she said yes. When asked why she quit there, she said she could make more money in the smoking bar.

-One bar owner is concerned she will have to hire non-smoking bartenders as the bartenders who have been working for her have to take breaks and no one is behind the bar.

   Indianapolis Code Enforcement ("ICE"—do a lot of agencies use that acronym these days?) and Indian Excise now are involved in enforcement of the smoking ban. We have expanded the powers of the police state.

   Welcome to the land of the free.   

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