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"W" does not stump for Mitt, but talks offshore investments on November 1---on Grand Cayman.

   Was someone from SNL hired to schedule George W. Bush’s public speaking engagements? Or did one of the Super PACs that "lean" toward the Democratic Party dump some money to hire "W" for a specific gig? Or is "The Onion" at work here?

   On November 1-2, the former President will attend, and be the keynote speaker at, the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit on Grand Cayman Island. The general election is November 6.

   Mitt Romney has listed, in the tax returns he has decided to allow the public to see, sums held in several so-called tax havens. There are several definitions for tax havens. Perhaps a definition is not the best way to understand what a tax haven is. Rather, as the Government Accounting Office ("GAO") has done, we can look at general characteristics of a sovereign state that could be considered a tax haven: 1) Has nil or nominal taxes; 2) lacks an effective exchange of tax information with foreign tax authorities; 3) lacks transparency in the operation of legislative, legal, or administrative provisions; 4) does not require a substantive local presence; and 5) promotes itself as an offshore financial center.

   In short, a tax haven is a place where those capable of doing so can deposit their money, pay few if any taxes, not worry about their own government discovering what they make there, and do not have to live there. If there is a way to legislate the loophole by which the very rich evade taxes in this manner, that way should be pursued. 

   Mitt Romney is a candidate for President of the United States. If he only were a private citizen, I would say his investments in the Caymans, Bermuda, and Ireland are morally wrong. That he is a candidate for head of the Executive branch means he should comport with the letter and the spirit of the law. He should not invest in tax havens. At least his doing so, if he had in mind the notion of running for President, to invest overseas was imprudent.  

   The Republican Party has sought to distance itself from its most recent occupant of the Oval Office. Clint Eastwood was given time at the 2012 GOP National Convention, but "W" was not. Now "W" is speaking, but not on the "stump" to potential voters. His speech will be to the well-to-do on Grand Cayman on November 1.

   I wonder if he will mention Mitt in his speech? I wonder if he will be back to Texas in time to vote, or if he voted early? If neither, will he be able to vote absentee?

   And will he be able to attend the "legends" tennis tournament to be held in conjunction with the investment summit. To comp him tickets would seem only fair if he is a presenter, but I have not known him to be a tennis fan.    

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Comment by Paul K. Ogden on September 28, 2012 at 10:34am

Yeah, like the Democrats didn't distance themselves from Bill Clinton for about 12 years.


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