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My good friend Paul Ogden has raised a point in response to my plan to balance the budget. Unlike the elected officials who have mis-managed this whole budget thing, I know Paul is reasonable and will listen to other ideas as a means of solving problems. Now first, that cut of the defense budget by 20 percent amounts to about $120 billion. The figures everyone has used project savings over a 10-year plan. That means I came up with $1.2 trillion right there. Another idea, from the revenue-producing side: we legalize all drugs. We save a couple of billion, annually, in law enforcement costs and add about five billon in revenue. Times ten years, that's a modest $50 billion. Remove the Bush tax cuts, and we recoup another two trillion dollars over ten years. Now, I have come up with over $3.2 trillion in revenue plus savings. Throw in a couple of bake sales, either nationalize oil companies or make them pay for leases they formerly did not get for free, and there's a lot more cash. None of these items would be on the middle class---except for the bake sales.

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Comment by Paul K. Ogden on July 30, 2011 at 5:37pm proposal to legalize prostitution and tax it, Mark?  Come on, Mark, now that would be a big revenue raiser!


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