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Todd Akin: clueless, yet confident and still a candidate.

   By Tuesday, August 21, 2012, at 5:00 p.m., Rep. Todd Akin had to withdraw from the Republican Party nomination of United States Senate in Missouri. He had not. He still can do so, but now only by court order.

   All four living former United States Senators from Missouri have asked Akin to withdraw. Romney’s campaign has made it known Akin should withdraw. Still Akin believes he is the best person to unseat McKaskill.

   The race for United States Senate is not the only race he could blow. Akin could alienate enough voters in his own and other states to help the Democratic national ticket. Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s chosen running mate candidate, co-sponsored bills with Akin. Amongst the bills was one that prohibited public funding for abortions only in the event of "forcible rape." "Rape" is the "unlawful sexual intercourse of a woman without her consent."  Black’s Law Dictionary, New Pocket Edition, 1996. It would appear that Ryan shares some of the would-be Senator from Missouri’s views on abortion.

   Even Karl Rove has withdrawn funds from Akin’s campaign. The longer this imbroglio plays out, the worse the outcome for the GOP. If Akin insists and remains on the ballot, it is difficult to see McCaskill losing. It also could mean other seats in the Show Me State could be vulnerable. Finally, with this much negative publicity in a prominent—United States Senate—race, voters could feel the pull to vote for President Obama.

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