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Today's Show: White River Yacht Club, 1400 East 74th Street, a celebration of veterans and no politics.

   I moved to Broad Ripple in 1987, at the start of my second year of law school. There are aspects of Broad Ripple one must live here to understand. For example, for several years I thought Christ the King was a portable casino under a big tent. Also, I never understood how to find Conner's Pub, only that under certain circumstances, I ended up there, sort of like explorers stumbled onto Shangri-la, but without the mountains and snow and with a juke box heavy on my kind of music as beer was served. Okay, that was Shangri-la for me.

   I thought the White River Yacht Club was a bar. Indeed, the establishment, at 1400 East 74th Street, has a bar on its premises. I did not believe a place on the White River actually was a yacht club. The river has a rather shallow draft. During one of WNAP's raft races (I think 1979), I waded (neck deep at one point) across the entire river. The draft of a boat has to be fairly shallow to negotiate the course of the White River.

   The White River Yacht Club indeed is a yacht club. I knew about the fireworks staged each year, usually on the anniversary of the death of Jimmy Morrison, lead singer of the Doors. I appreciated a club that commemorated rock and roll in such spectacular fashion. Okay---the fireworks are for Independence Day, and closer to the actual date than the fireworks downtown on July 4. After all, as John  Adams noted, July 2, 1776, would be a day to remember in history because that was the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. What downtown and a printer muffed, the White River Yacht Club carries out in style. Westfield Boulevard is shut down for the Yacht Club fireworks. Unfortunately, because of Mitch Daniels, I am in bed by the time the fireworks are staged.

   That brings me to a promise I made about today's Show. I will not do "politics" on this Show. We will talk about veterans---their experiences in war, their experiences afterward, services available to them. If a Federal statute required the sons, of age of military service, of members of Congress to serve in the armed forces in front-line, combat-area positions, I think the members of Congress would be a little less prone to vote for U.S. military incursions. At least they would give more thought to such matters. That's as political as I'll get for the Show today.

   We will stream "live" from 11 am to 1 pm. You can pick us up on "Indiana Talks." Matt Stone has an interview we will play that he taped of a VA public relations person. We also shall have veterans on to discuss their experiences and lives.

   We also shall talk about yachts---some of those 150-foot beauties tied up to docks. I wonder how many Saudi Sheiks, who own such yachts, have been to the WRYC?

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