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Today's show: whether a declaration of war is required for the United States to commit military forces to armed conflict?

   At 11 a.m. on this 7th day of April, 2012, "Civil Discourse Now" will stream live our discussion of war powers of the United States. Guests will be INdianapolis lawyer and war power advocate Jeff Cox, and pragmatist (by his own description) James Nease.

   We will film at Big Hat Books, 6510 Cornell Avenue in Broad Ripple.

   The Constitution provides that Congress shall have te power to declare war. The president holds the position of Commander-in-Chief. Especially since in the years since World War II, we have seen president too prone to commit troops to armed conflict. These are not "wars," but people are killed---our troops and associated personnel and people where our troops are committed. Without the need to declare war, commitment of troops is easier. War should not be easy to wage.

   Other views will be held by our panelists. All are welcome to watch.

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