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Today's Show: Broad Ripple Tavern at 11 a.m.---how to avoid arrest for alcohol related offenses in Indiana on St. Patrick's Day.

   Today we shall "live" stream from Broad Ripple Tavern, 735 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis, at 11 a.m. You can see The Show there , watch it on UStream, or listen to is on Indiana Talks at Indiana Talks dot com. Our guests will be Indianapolis attorneys Ginny Maxwell and Adam Lenkowsy.

   The "wearing of the green" is a national event. There is a note of levity to descriptions of St. Patrick's Day festivities. One dominant aspect of the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland is the consumption of alcohol.  This blog is not meant to be a lecture rooted in self-righteousness. It is not meant as a "hot-to" guide to get around the law. Rather, the intent is to communicate common sense about the celebration so that the reader stands less of a chance of wakening in custody. 

   First, do not drive. The various devices used to measure blood-alcohol content (BAC) by breath merely draw analogies between breath, globules of molecules that resemble the alcohol molecule, and the level of alcohol in the blood. What, when, and how much one has had to eat during the day can affect the read-out of an Intoxilyzer or datamaster machine, even if a person only has had the standard "I've only had two drinks officer" two beers or cocktails. A cab is a lot cheaper than attorneys' fees, jacked auto insurance rates, and court costs.

   Second, do not engage in conversation with law enforcement officers who might be present. The officer is doing her or his job. The officer does not need to listen to your insights. The officer might feel distracted from other matters and pay attention to your behavior. The fact you have drooled on your shirt might be easily explained to some who know you, but the officer might take that as a sign you are intoxicated in a public place and try to determine whether you are annoying other people or pose a threat to the safety of yourself or others---i.e., if you are committing the offense of Public Intoxication, as Class-B misdemeanor.

   Third, eat something. One should have a nice, balanced breakfast. The same goes for lunch. One might see all or parts of these meals later, on one or more return trips from one's gastrointestinal tract, but generally it is a good idea to have nutrition in mind before consumption of alcohol.

   Fourth, do not be afraid to call it a day at an early hour. Maybe the parties do not really "rock" until 10 p.m. If one feels tired at 5 p.m., that person should go home and crash.

   These are meant as practical tips. Of course, there always is the option not to consume alcohol on St. Patrick's Day.



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