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Today's primaries: polling sites should be made easy to find and---don't vote for David Ford in the 5th Congressional District.

   If you want to know where to vote, one place at which you can find that information is the Voter Information Portal - Indianapolis on the internet. Another is the website of the Office of the Marion County Clerk.
   Last week I received a post card from the Office of the Marion County Clerk. The card was quite helpful, as it was notice of where our precinct polling site is located.  If I had not shuffled through the junk mail, found, and read the card, I would have driven to 7300-something North Penn to the church that has been the place for our precinct voting for the past three or four elections. Now the precinct has been moved back to the American Legion Post on North College.
   The are simpler ways for people to vote. One is to allow early voting. We have that, to a modest degree, in Marion County. The Office of the Marion County Clerk has been open for about the past week. If someone is downtown, she or he has been able to go there and exercise her or his franchise.
   Another way, and one that probably would reduce costs, would be to open satellite polling sites. A voter could cast her or his vote at a place not specific to her or his precinct.
We should make voting reasonably easy. To shuffle polling sites does not advance the public knowledge of political issues. When I lived in a suburb of Chicago, our polling place was in somebody’s attached garage two streets over from where we lived. I would not have known to look for our polling station in somebody’s garage.
   Everyone who is eligible should get out today and vote. Usually the times that are busiest are the rush hours—people vote on the way to and from work. My office is close to the polling place, so I can vote mid- to late-morning and avoid the crowd, although, because this is a primary election for a mid-term general election, voter turnout might be low.
   And now, a few final words on the Democratic Party primary race for 5th Congressional District.
   Three candidates are on the ballot. Shawn Denney and Allen Ray Davidson are well-qualified. As I have previously noted, I would be honored if either of them was elected as my Congressperson. I will vote in the Democratic Party primary, as I have since I first registered to vote.
   I have yet to hear from, or read any response by, David Ford, whom I have accused of attempting to perpetrate a fraud on the voters of the 5th Congressional District. David Ford is a “tea party” candidate who is running for the Democratic Party nomination for the 5th. If you embrace the beliefs advanced by the “tea party,” the  candidate in the race for the 5th Congressional District who has been honest about his positions, positions that seem close to those of the “tea party,” is David Stockdale. He is a candidate in the Republican Party. You should vote for him if you are a “tea party” person. As I have said, I disagree with most of his positions on the issues, but he is straightforward about those positions.  
   Blogger and attorney Paul Ogden questioned why a “tea party” candidate cannot run as a member of the Democratic Party. Again—sadly—Paul has missed the point. I would have no qualms if David Ford were out-front and open about his beliefs in principles of the “tea party.” My point is David Ford—no relation to J.D. Ford, Democratic candidate for Indiana State Senate, District 29—has run as a so-called “stealth” candidate. A candidate for any position in any party should answer questions about her or his beliefs and positions on issues.  If, as in the case of David Ford, the candidate believes in principles of the “tea party,” that candidate should say so in order that voters know. If the candidate wins nomination when the voters know, in this case, his views, then fine. I believe, however, that a large majority of voters in the Democratic Party would reject a candidate who favors the “tea party.” Probably that is why David Ford has been quiet—in the face of my blogs and in the face of questions posed to him by others. As I wrote yesterday, if you vote in the Democratic Party primary in the 5th Congressional District, you have two fine people for whom to choose: Shawn Denney and Allen Ray Davidson. If you believe in the principles of the “tea party” and do not believe Susan Brooks, the incumbent, has done the job right, vote for David Stockdale in the Republican primary.
   If David Ford wins the primary, he will have done so through deceit.

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