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Today: Rupert Boneham at the Road Dog Saloon at 11 am, everyone 21 & older welcome!

Everyone 21 years of age or older is welcome!

  In case you missed the news yesterday, we are proud to announce our guests for Saturday’s Show will be Rupert Boneham, Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Indiana, and his running mate, Brad Klopfenstein, Libertarian Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

   We will shoot at 11 am at the Road Dog Saloon, 4861 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis. The Road Dog has good food and an excellent environment. I was pleased when this all came together. The Road Dog also is an establishment that caters only to persons 21 years of age or older.

   You can check out Rupert’s and Brad’s stands on the issues at We will try to address most of the issues he lists on his website. I particularly am interest in his views on the Tenth Amendment, criminal justice and election reforms, and the Affordable Care Act—a/k/a Obamacare.

   As I said yesterday, Rupert strikes me as an intelligent man whose political abilities have been overshadowed in the general media by his appearance on "Survivor." I had a chance to talk with him at the State Fair (your Indiana State Fair), and was impressed both by his grasp of the couple of issues we had time (briefly) to discuss and his energy.

   I have had the opportunity to work with Brad the last few weeks on a couple of projects. Brad has been active in the Indianapolis business community for years and understands the local economy and the needs of the people of Indiana.

   The Show will be taped. So we shall start at 11. It should be on the web by three p.m.

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