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   As previously stated, this week's Show will "live" stream from the former Baumeister estate. Guest panelists will include Detective Cary Mullligan, who left the investigation from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, and Marilene Isaacs, a researcher and intuitive who has visited the estate. I highly would recommend Dan Hall's film, "The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm," which addresses the case. Dan might also appear on Saturday's Show.

   The following is in anticipation of the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. This is the first part of a series. This year will be the 15th consecutive Mini in which I have walked.  The following is not sponsored in any way by the people/corporations who organize or otherwise operate the event described. These are my views.

   Saturday, May 4, as many of you know, is the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon®. There are lovely photographs that can be taken on the course. Videos can be shot, too. 

   A few words of advice for those who are doing the Mini® for the first time. Please remember, I am not an MD, so consult with a physician if you have any doubt about what I say. In fact, disregard what I say—yes, that is a caveat. I am not a physician, and so cannot give advice of this nature such as you should believe the advice of an MD, although I might know more about stock investments than most physicians.

   Have you decided to read on? Okay:

   (1) Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

   (2) Don’t over- or under-hydrate, but be sure you void your bladder (I know the Port-o-lets ® can be disgusting) before the race starts–-there’s a reason.

   (3) It usually is chilly before the race. Wear shorts and a light shirt under cheap sweats. You’ll stay warm before the race starts. Then you can toss the sweats right after you cross the start line.

   (4) Wear a light hat or cap. If the sun is out, you won’t overheat (as much). If it rains—well, you know.

   (5) Be careful of traffic around you and try not to "hop up" on curbs. You do not want to trip and fall or pull or strain something.

   (6) Once the ropes drop for your stalls, move up—politely but resolutely—toward the front.

   (7) You want to get to and through the Indianapolis Motor Speedway® as soon and as fast as possible. There is no shade, the asphalt of the track radiates heat, the grandstands and other structures act as windbreaks, and those 2 ½ miles can take it out of you.

   (8) If some kind soul has a water hose out (once it has gotten warm outside) to spray people going by—don’t be tempted. Water in your shoes will cause blisters.

   (9) Once you have passed mile marker 11, realize the walk that is left is really very reasonable. It only is a little over two miles. BUT—

   If at any time you feel like you can’t go on—don’t. Course personnel can transport you to the end of the course. Medical personnel are all over the place. Also, if you pull over for medical reasons, you still get a medal.

   NEXT: How I started doing the Mini(r). 

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