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TIFs: let your City-County Councilor know what you think about the proposed TIF for Mass Ave.

   Bloggers Pat Andrews ("Had Enough Indy?"), Gary Welsh ("Advance Indiana"), and Paul Ogden ("Ogden on Politics") have the details of the nefarious actions of the City-County Council documented well on the websites.

   Apparently, the most recent meeting of the Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee adjourned, its chair Steve Talley left, and the committee re-convened. Councilor Vop Osili, an architect/engineer, called the committee back to order and, by 5-1 vote, passed a proposed expansion of the Mass Ave TIF out of committee.

   There has been no valid reason given for the TIF expansion. Some people stand to make a lot of money from the TIF. The City has no transparency on the planned TIFs. Details are kept secret and people are expected to accept the matter as an article of faith.

   I have a problem with TIFs, but especially this one. I might be naive, but I am going to e-mail my City-County Councilor. I live in the Third District. My Councilor is William Gooden. His official e-mail is  I am going to voice my opposition to this development.

   I would encourage anyone else to do the same.  

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