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"The Sinking Ship," MLB predictions for 2014 and J.D. Ford, Democratic candidate for Indiana State Senate.

   Senator Mike Delph made the news a lot this past session of the Indiana General Assembly. His remarks were held in such low esteem by his Republican colleagues, he was banished to the Democratic Party's side of the aisle. The man who wanted to retain the second part of the amendment that would have memorialized discrimination in our Indiana Constitution has an opponent in the November election. J.D. Ford will be our guest on "Civil Discourse Now," as we stream live, 11 am to 1 pm, from The Sinking Ship, 4923 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, Earth. You can hear The Show on "Indiana Talks," on FaceBook.

   Spring is here and, with it, baseball season. Fans of the Chicago Cubs National League Baseball Club share a familiar feeling again this season. The season approaches us as dementors approach Harry Potter. The season seems to suck the joy out of everything. Over the "off-season," we made no appreciable trades or other deals. I would blame the matter on the lack of salary caps in MLB. Unfortunately, the Cubs are owned by billionaires who are less competent at running the Cubs (or so it seems) than were the people who managed The Chicago Tribune, the Cubs' last owners. The Trib folks---who rejected my app for General Manager in 1987 (and I was serious)---were less competent than the Wrigleys. So, with a seeming "lock" on last place in the NL East, the Cubs might rocket to the bottom of all MLB and pick up another first-round, first draft pick in the MLB draft. (The Colts did that a few times. Remember Jeff George?)  "Coach" and George Wilson will join us to give us their picks.  

   Kimann Schultz's "Fashion and Style" will play.

   Finally, Episode 2 of the weekly serial "A Tail of the City"---a story of corruption in the town of Marionville, Indiana, and its know-nothing, thin-skinned chief executive, Mayor Mallard---will play. John Mellencamp, Meryl Streep, David Letterman are noted public figures with Indiana ties. None provides a voice for any of the characters in "Tale of the City."

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