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   Congressional leaders, unable to resolve the crisis on the debt ceiling have, according to this morning’s HuffPost, proposed creating a body comprised of members of both houses to enact budget legislation. The details are fuzzy, but the net result is the same.

   They propose to alter the structure of the Federal government in conflict with provisions of the United States Constitution without the inconvenient steps of the process of amendment.

   My views on the specifics of the debt/budget situation are not the important part of this post. To be clear, though, I think one way to clean up government’s debt is to eliminate the Bush tax cuts.

   That said, Congressional leaders cannot de facto amend the United States Constitution because those leaders are not competent enough to resolve their impasse. To scrap checks and balances built into the Constitution is not a viable or valid solution. It amounts to this: if the leaders are incompetent, give them more unchecked power. 

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