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   For Saturday, December 3, our "Civil Discourse Now" will focus on the question of whether all drugs should be legalized. Let me clear about what we mean by "legalization." This does not mean "decriminalization," an approach that lessens penalties but keeps the illegal marketers. This does not mean street vendors could peddle, supplied by any cartels or someone's brother-in-law with a basement (or, these days, roadside) laboratory. There would not be ads on TV for the latest, best designer form of psychedlic drug. My concept if drugs would be legal and could be purchased in state-owned stores.  The prices would be lower. Taxes would be levied.

   I (obviously from past blogs you might infer) favor legalization, and have since the early 1970s. I cannot speak for the Show's co-host Paul Ogden, but he leans toward legalization. Our guests will be Randy Miller, Executive Director of Drug Free Marion County, and George Brenner, amongst his other qualifications, he is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Clinical Addictions Counslor. I will post their CVs as soon as I can get my Ning website to communicate in Word 2010.

   We shoot at 11 a.m. on Saturdays at Big Hat Books, 6510 Cornell Avenue, in Broad Ripple. Cornell runs parallel with and just west of the Monon Trail. We welcome people to come and watch the Show live.

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