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World-wide ChoMo ring run by high-level Democrats out of the basement of a Georgetown pizza joint that has no basement. Ukraine, not Russia, hacked the 2016 election. President Obama was not born in the U.S. Vaccines cause autism.
These are some of the bizarre claims, some repeated by the current occupant of the Oval Office (a/k/a dt), made by right wingers in the last few years. This is an administration born of reality TV & that eerily resembles aspects of “The Manchurian Candidate” - a movie in which the Chinese brainwash a U.S. Army officer captured in Korea and try to take over the office of POTUS.
Since we live in a sci-fi realm - although my flip-phone still won’t connect with Scottie and I have yet to beam up to anyplace at all - there is a very scary scenario that could play out in quite ghastly ways.
Players: the most powerful man in the World - Dictator of All the Russias - Vladimir Putin. Putin’s (necessary) foil is dt. Goals: reduce the U.S. to a laughingstock and secure Russia’s place as the World’s main, perhaps only, superpower.
Putin is not averse to killing people by the score. He secured his hold as leader of Russia by staging fake terrorist attacks and snuffing them. Just as one must break a few eggs to make an omelet, one must kill people by the score to be a dictator.
Putin hates the USA. In 2006 he compared the USA to the Third Reich. The U.S., after all, invaded Russia in 1919. That of which Americans are ignorant, Russians don’t forget. We provided Stinger missiles & other ordinance to guerillas who killed his countrymen as they fought a pointless war in Afghanistan. We pride ourselves on democratic principles and freedom.
Putin wanted dt to take the 2016 election because (1) Putin did not want Secretary Clinton in office and (2) because he wanted to hold up our system to the ridicule of the World. Putin got his many rubles’ worth.
Putin wants dt to retain office. Putin cares about ends, not so much the means, but if the means increase Russia’s power and influence in other ways, then the ends are so much the better. And now, what could happen:
In an air strike, U.S. drones kill several Russian military personnel in full uniform. Putin launches attacks on all 10 U.S. aircraft carriers. Because Russia has hacked U.S. military computers and adopted the Chinese thousand anti-ship missile strategy for attack of a capital ship, the attacks are successful.
dt takes a few minutes from golf, announces the U.S. is at war, and that we shall launch our nukes. Putin knows the threat is empty (since our computers are thoroughly hacked), but cites the threat to justify Russia’s own nuke attacks that take out Boston and NYC on the East coast, and Seattle and San Francisco-Oakland on the West.
dt takes to the air, thanks Putin for the limits Putin placed on the attacks - the flyover States were spared because so much support for dt remains in them - blames the Deep State for our Nation’s defenses being hacked, declares martial law, suspends the elections, and begins the dictatorship.
Leaders of the opposition are arrested, charged with treason, and placed in camps or executed. Since three areas with the greatest number of anti-dt voters are vaporized, the resistance to dt has been wiped out.
What I just described is scary, but one hell of a lot more realistic than the basement in that Georgetown pizza parlor. Like I said, Putin got his rubles’ worth.

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