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Saturday, November 3: Election predictions at 11 a.m.!

   Election predictions time!

   On Saturday’s Show we welcome guest panelists bloggers and political savants Jon Easter (IndyDemocrat dot blogspot dot com), Jeff Cox (no-boxes-allowed dot blogspot dot com) and Matt Stone (IndyStudent), to stream live at 11 a.m. to discuss Tuesday’s elections.

   (I have kept a close eye on the various races for Coroner around the State. How does one "actively" campaign for that job?)

   Members of the panel will prognosticate about the races for President, Governor, U.S. Senate, and all the rest (a phrase that sufficed to describe the Professor and Mary Ann for the first season of "Gilligan’s Island"). The predictions Show last year, for municipal offices, was fun. The bookies, no doubt, will have an eye on what our panelists say. 

   And I did not mention the Monon Bell game is tomorrow.

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