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Gun violence has sparked debates on half-way measures. People advocate limits on handguns. Cities enact laws restricting handguns. After the shootings in Arizona, there was a movement to ban 30-shot clips for assault rifles. Personally, I believe these suggested measures are half-way. To stem gun violence we should ban private ownership of firearms---all firearms. Law enforcement personnel reasonably require firearms. Our military reasonably require firearms. Individual citizen ownership of firearms is not reasonably required. People are more likely to shoot themselves, or a loved one, with private ownership of firearms. Our public debate has not gone far enough. The popular saying is that if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. However, if private ownership of firearms is outlawed, the supply of firearms will be shut down. Privately owned guns will be reduced in numbers as citizens turn in their weapons to be melted or otherwise destroyed. There will be few sources for outlaws to obtain these weapons. In a later blog I will address statistics. At a later date I will address statistics and other reasons why this phenomenon is silly. For now, let me simply say---repeal the Second Amendment. If we enact such  a repeal, far fewer people will die.    

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