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Rep. Susan Brooks will have to get past Shawn Denney in 2014 to face---Evan Bayh for Senate in 2016?

   The dust has settled from the May 6 primaries. Yard signs now can be taken down and recycled. We all can take a big, deep breath and look ahead.
   There are two races for United States House of Representatives in Indiana that might prove interesting. In the Second District, incumbent and Republican Jackie Walorski might have her hands full.  The Second was reconfigured (i.e., gerrymandered) to be more secure to Republicans. However, Walorski is seen by some as weak. She is extremely right-wing and only won her seat in the 2012 general election by one percentage point. Her opponents in the 2014 general election will be Democratic Party candidate Joe Bock, a professor at Notre Dame, and Libertarian Jeff Petermann. Walorski has about $1.15 million on-hand for her campaign, compared to Bock’s $345,000.  This was a seat held by Joe Donnelly before he sought and was elected to the United States Senate. This is a possible “flip” for the Democratic Party.
   In the Eighth Congressional District, incumbent and Republican Larry Buchson won in the primary. He will face Democratic Party candidate Tom Spangler and Libertarian candidate Andrew Horning in the November general. The “Bloody Eighth” might be interesting.
   And down the road, in 2016, North Carolina resident and Indiana United States Senator Dan Coats will face a decision. Rumor has it he will not seek reelection. He took a cut in pay to return to politics and run again for the United States Senate. One would think his profile as a lobbyist—twice elected to the Senate with time between terms—would have an odd sort of attraction to those who seek out lobbyists.
   The race for the Senate in 2016 could be current-United States Representative Susan Brooks from the Republican Party against—I can’t say his name, an’ I can’t spell it...okay...but only this once, Voldemort...—former Governor and two-term United States Senator from Indiana Evan Bayh. The run by Representative Brooks would make sense. Should she win reelection in the 2014 general, by 2016 she would have her sea legs in the United States Congress. Her decent name-recognition easily could be enhanced by 2016.
   Whom else would the Democratic Party run but the former Governor/Senator? There has been activity in his campaign accounts. Matt Stone, over at IndfyStudent, has discussed these activities. There is a possibility Indiana, in 2017, could be represented by two United States Senators from the Democratic Party.
   In the meantime, Representative Brooks will have to defeat challenger Shawn Denney in the 2014 general election. I think that race could be closer than people realize. The demographics of the 5th are not as solidly Republican as some might think.
   On this week’s Show we shall discuss education with Doug Martin, author of “Hoosier School Heist.” Justin Oakley, host of “Just Let Me Teach” and former candidate for Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction also will join us. We may have one more guest panelist, but at this writing I do not have confirmation.   

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