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Reasons against marriage equality (what many call "gay marriage") are not credible.

   I never understood why people oppose marriage by people who are of the same gender. I have heard several arguments posed:

   1) It complicates insurance coverage for dependents. I have a solution to that: single-payer; Medicare-for-All.

   2) Various religions do not recognize marriage between members of the same sex as valid. I have a response to that: the First Amendment Establishment Clause. This is not a "Christian" country. There is a separation of religion and State.

   3) Next we shall remove barriers to marriage with ducks, chickens, children, and multiple partners. My response is: pish-posh. First, there has been no credible argument or group with any credibility or sizeable following to push such an agenda as to the ducks, chickens or children. As to the multiple partners—one premise of marriage is that the parties to the marriage are entering the union of their own free will. Polygamy is dominated by "arranged" marriages, usually between older men and young women. That will not find serious acceptance here (unless the one percent pushes for it; maybe the Koch brothers want a little spice in their lives).

   4) Homosexuality is an abomination and consists of sexual acts of an natural type. Really? And what would those acts be? I think many heterosexual, married partners engage in some of those acts. One of those most favorite (for the males) and usually not all that favorite (for the females) is a matter not so much to discuss, but it is oral. (Change the particular erogenous zone for gender, and the popularity scores go up for both hetero participants, I have found; men like it if only because they realize they gain a lot of appreciation by putting their face where another portion of their anatomy might soon be.) Another "act" is mentioned in a line from a Zappa song: "Take it, and put it right up your poop shoot."

   Marriage is necessary as a government regulated activity because of child-bearing and divorce, amongst other reasons. And courts do not like such cases—they are amongst the least favorite (from my informal polling of judges and courts’ staffs) handled.

   So join us as we stream "live" today from my office at 1915 Broad Ripple Avenue at 11 a.m.

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