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Putin's spoils of successful attack on U.S. should be taken back

   For a moment, imagine that on 11/8/16, a computer glitch randomly placed Vladimir Putin into the office of President of the United States. Putin hates democratic principles and has compared the United States to the Third Reich. Putin wants to destroy the United States.
   Most people would have cried “foul!” and the election results made void.
   Let us continue in this vein. Perhaps not enough people expressed outrage and Putin was sworn into office on 1/20/17. A lot of people are disgusted, but Congress does nothing.
   Through lethargy, ignorance, and distractions, Putin is allowed to remain in the Oval Office for almost one year. Putin issues no-bid contracts to buddies.  Putin appoints to various offices people whose interests and beliefs are opposite the purposes of the offices to which each individual is appointed. Putin signs executive orders to harm this country.
   He would try to push legislation, but Putin’s goal is chaos. If nothing happens, Putin is happy.
   Finally, the American people have had enough.  Putin leaves office for Russia.
   Would we allow the things he did in office to stand?
   Would we continue to pay extortionate price on no-bid contracts to Putin’s buddies?
   Would we allow appointments, some for lifetime, he made to remain intact?
   Would we shrug and blame other factors, instead of executive orders issued by an illegitimate President, for the chaos that ensued from those orders?
    Everything that has ensued from this Presidency has been illegitimate.  The election must be declared void ab initio. Whatever Trump has done while in office should be erased.
  Putin oversaw a masterful attack on our nation and our election system.
  We should not allow the spoils of Putin’s attack to remain in place.

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