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   Vladimir Putin wants to damage, even destroy, the United States.  If the occupant of the Oval Office creates chaos, Putin is happy.
   Short-term chaos is nice for Putin. As the rest of the World—the area outside the borders of the United States—looks on, Trump careens from one policy position to another.  Trump bungles this crisis and that.  Trump becomes mired in disputes about a professional sports league. 
   Long-term chaos probably is Putin’s preference.
   The Senate blocked the judicial nominations of President Obama. That was unprecedented.  A Federal judge is appointed for life. One cannot get longer term than that.
   With flourishes of a pen, Trump signs executive orders to foul our environment.  The EPA was created during the administration of Richard Nixon. Some pollution can take decades to clean.
   Trump pursues as theory of “trickle-down” economics that has damaged this country’s economy every time it is employed.
   Trump’s presidency is illegitimate.  The actions he has taken since he took that office should be declared as void as his position.  To do otherwise is to allow Putin to enjoy what Putin has stolen.

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