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Political Party of Green now the ONLY party in this Nation's political system.

   There only is one real party in the United States, and it is a Party of Green.
   I did not write the Green Party—the left-wing, environmental-focused party—is the only real party in the United States. That would be a silly statement to write.
   The “green” of which I write is the color that has figured so dominantly in United States currency. Money controls the United States. Voters, except in the immediate run-up to elections, can be damned. In the time immediately before an election, of course, the voter is everything. But money buys means by which a politician can convince voters, en masse through ads and “spin control,” of almost anything.
   On December 12, 2014, in an article in The Washington Post, Philip Bump wrote that Democratic Party members of Congress who voted for—“YES”—the $1.1 trillion budget on average received twice as much money in campaign contributions from the finance industry as did those who voted against—“NO.” Republicans, absent a few, already received such money.
   To re-cap a couple of provisions of the bill christened Cromnibus: (1) Big Banks once again will be able to gamble on derivatives markets, protected by the FDIC—us—in the event the gambles go bad, as the system functioned back in 2007-08 when the Big Banks were bailed out; and (2) Pell grants—grants that enable students to pay for college—will be cut while the contractors that do collections on student loans will receive more money for those efforts.
   President Obama pushed this marvelous package. Speaker John Boehner received more money from the financial industry than most members of Congress. He wore a Happy Smile last night, I am confident.
   Already Big Banks are ginning up their mortgage machines to make profits on the same crap they ran ten years ago. They have nothing to fear—not Congress, not the Department of Justice, and certainly not market risk, as if they lose on a gamble, We The People have guaranteed protection for those Banks through the FDIC.
   As though it were a few years ago: people cussed about the Big Banks, disgusted that their CEOs jacked the country for money and quite quickly gave themselves bonuses.
   Whether the name of the political party begins with the consonant “D” or “R,” the color in the veins of its office holders is green.
   First Amendment concerns aside—and why shouldn’t they be, since free speech hardly seems to matter; when billions now are at the disposal of the very wealthy who can drown out the minor noise emitted by a writer here or there—the colors red, white and blue should be banned from ads and campaign materials of any candidate for either of the two “major” political parties. Green befits the GOP and the party of Jefferson and Jackson. As for the latter, one should realize both Jefferson and Jackson claimed ownership over other human beings under the institution called slavery.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeb Bush wait in the wings for the 2016 presidential election campaign. Yes, we have REAL change. A Bush and a Clinton will run against each other. One represents monied, corporate interests and promotes the military industrial state/complex—and so does the other.
   Congratulations, America! We have real change—in our pockets, but no paper money. That’s about all with which one is left these days.

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