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Other GOP candidates mistake trump for Jesus - I'm anti-dt.

A “conservative” is a person who believes in traditional values. Neither the leadership of today’s Republican Party - a/k/a GOP - nor any of my 15 opponents in the May 5 GOP primary for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District is conservative.
Both GOP leadership and my opponents confuse the current occupant of the Oval Office - I refer to him by lower-case initials; I’d just as soon write “Voldemort” but don’t want to malign Death Eaters - with Jesus.
dt is hardly a Christian (but neither was Jesus who was a Jew). dt is no conservative. He whips up hatred, runs up deficits and embraces what I always thought were quite un-American values: prejudice, bigotry, chauvinism, and ignorance.
dt seems to love pollution, whether by his speech, using The Constitution as toilet paper - stuck in his shoe last year - or cutting the budget of the EPA (created during, and with the help of, a GOP administration).
dt and his children - and his father and grandfather - are the worst type of coward. They whip up a frenzy for military action, but never have served. As dt said, only people too stupid to avoid the draft went to Vietnam.
dt is no leader: if actions of subordinates are good? dt claims credit. Bad? His National Security Adviser - two years ago - dissolved NSC’s Global Health Security team. Effects were described by Jeremy Konyndyk, a senior policy fellow for the Center for Global Development, as “an unraveling of some capabilities ... that date back across two administrations and have pretty bipartisan support on the Hill.”
dt, when asked on Friday about this action, said “You say we did that, I don’t know anything about it. ... It’s the administration. Perhaps they do that...” As to shortcomings in the system for testing? “I don’t take any responsibility at all.”
dt seems to have a different slant on Pres Truman’s “The buck stops here” - i.e., Pres is ultimately responsible. The “buck” does not stop with dt. Instead a lot of bucks go out of government to dt and his children.
dt’s cult of (dubious) personality hacked the Oval Office after losing the popular vote by 3 million. We should concerned dt that will suspend the November elections. Georgia and Louisiana have announced their primaries are postponed.
If elected to the House, I shall propose, and support, bills that restore protections of our civil rights, voting rights and environment. I shall propose we cut the military budget in half - and we’d still account for almost one-fifth of the World’s military budget.
I shall oppose subsidies to large corporations and to professional sports. I shall propose legislation to ban TIFs - a form of financial cancer - nationwide. And I shall not kiss dt’s ass - an action that seems to be “default” for other GOP primary candidates.
I shall propose we ban - nationwide - the abomination of privatized prisons and expand budgets for infrastructure - education, health care, and highways - to be paid by halving our military budget. A bloated military makes us less safe.
If you live in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District and are disgusted with the GOP or both major
political parties, on May 5, or in early voting, ask for a GOP ballot and vote for me. If elected, I might only last one term, but it’ll sure as hell be two years everyone remembers.
My name is Mark Small. I am a GOP candidate for Indiana’s 5th. I am pro-environment, pro-choice, anti-war and anti-dt. I believe in the traditional values of the GOP, not the bastardized values of dt and his minions. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.

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