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October 18: fight evil and the Patriots(r)---wear garlands of garlic to the game.

   Garlic is very healthy and imparts great taste to food.
   Garlic also is feared by vampires.
   Today’s blog is not meant as an appeal to belief in the unnatural. I am a taxpayer. The political leaders of the city in which I live decided long ago to subsidize, with money obtained from our tax dollars, professional sports franchise owners. The National Football League® is a —try not to choke on your food as you read this—not-for-profit corporation. The owners of the 32 franchises enjoy exemption from antitrust laws. When the NFL® comes to town for the Super Bowl®, the host city gives up more taxes and submits to diva-esque requirements.
   We should not be empathetic to the NFL® or its franchise owners.
   The Indianapolis Colts® now have been in Indianapolis longer than the franchise was located in Baltimore.
   I have a conflict when I watch NFL® games today. Players hobble away, after years of play, with various injuries that include brain trauma. The number of players who make it to the NFL®, after college and high school and junior high and leagues for players even younger, means a lot of people have been injured. The NFL® owners get the profits. Still, I have become acculturated to football. I was a Chicago Bears® fan in years past. After I moved to Indy in 1986, the Indianapolis Colts® grew on me.
   On Sunday, October 18, Indianapolis will host the New England Patriots®.  The New England Patriots cheat. They have been caught in the act on a couple of occasions.
   One possibility the Patriots are evil could be rooted in their coach, Bill Belichek, and their quarterback, Tom Brady, being cold and bloodless. In other words, they could be some of the “undead,” i.e., vampires.
   On October 18, fans of the Indianapolis Colts® should wear cloves of garlic on strings around their necks.
   I am convinced that the coach of the Patriots®, and others in the organization, are vampires—or at least exhibit vampire tendencies. They have developed some resistance to sunlight. I do not know how. Also, has anyone seen Coach Belichek or quarterback Brady stand before a mirror? I do not mean images of them on TV doing so because they have access to video equipment, like the stuff they used to spy on the practices of the St. Louis Rams® prior to the 2002 Super Bowl®.
   If everyone wears a garland of garlic for the game, the “other team” might be thrown “off.” Quartback Brady’s balls—footballs—might shrink. Coach Belichek might have to seek refuge under the false turf in Lucas Oil Stadium®.
   If this works and the Indianapolis Colts® win—great. Either way, people will have cloves of garlic to take home and use for meals.
   Besides, Lucas Oil Stadium® will smell great.

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