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   There have been insane leaders of countries in history. Caligula named his horse a Senator in Rome.  George III of England ran about the palace raving.  Stalin, when extremely drunk, ordered his Politburo to dance.
   Until the mid-Twentieth Century, the impacts of mentally ill heads of state could be disastrous.  With the advent of nuclear weapons, an insane leader of the most powerful countries could destroy the planet.
   On Saturday, October 14, “more than 100 psychologists and mental health professionals,” according to The New York Post,  marched in New York City and called for Trump to be removed from office. In nearly nine months in office, Trump’s behavior has prompted people who diagnose and treat mental illness to march and demand his removal.
   The past couple of weeks the occupant of the Oval Office has said things that either taunt another unstable leader (of North Korea), or imply nuclear war is around the corner. When your neighbor says “This is the ccalm before the storm,” she might mean a meteorological event. When Trump says it, he could mean a launch.
   We have faced a similar situation. In 1974, President Richard Nixon, “seemed depressed and was drinking heavily,” according to a retrospective in the August 11, 2017, Politico.  “Nixon himself had stoked official fears during a meeting with congressmen during which he reportedly said, ‘I can go in my office and pick up a telephone, and in 25 minutes, millions of people will be dead.’ Senator Alan Cranston had phoned [Secretary of Defense James] Schlesinger, warning about ‘the need for keeping a berserk president from plunging us into a holocaust.’”
   The Politico article notes that “Schlesinger stepped in quietly to order a pause on any launch nuclear strike commanded by Nixon.  But Schlesinger didn’t legally have the right to do what he did, and it’s not clear at all what might have transpired had Nixon actually tried to launch a first strike as he departed office.”
   Nixon became unbalanced after years of public ridicule, victory at last in two elections for President (1968 and 1972), and public dismantlement in the investigations, hearings, and impeachment proceedings we know as Watergate.
   Trump, only in office not quite nine months, appears even sicker.
   There are differences between the two men and the situations. Nixon respected the Constitution and was surrounded by people who were wise and capable enough to take counter measures in the event Nixon drank too many martinis and reached for the nuclear football.  Trump knows little of the Constitution and respects it less.  Trump also has surrounded himself with people who seem under order to admire him and always say “yes.” There is no Schlesinger to stop issuance of a launch code.
   Trump must be removed from office, by legal means, as soon as possible. Impeachment will take too long. We all could be cinders—while the Trump family survives below ground. The Twenty-Fifth Amendment, at best, results in Mike Pence in the Oval Office. Pence benefits from the same illegal acts that placed a Russian puppet (Trump) in office.
   That leaves a Federal Court order that would void the 2016 elections, of which I have written several times in the past month.
   I am willing to “pass” on Trump ordering his cabinet to “dance,” if it means the World is safe.

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