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New Ross, Indiana: We shall return for another Show.

   How people determine "hits" on a website, podcast or other individual shows or posts on the internet is, like so much of the internet (at least to this holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree) something of a mystery. Numbers can be derived from various places, but nothing seems to consolidate or total all of the hits from all of the places. The previous record for "hits" for a blog on this website was after the storm hit the State Fair and I wrote about the contract the daughter of the Governor had to photograph events there.

   The record for "hits" has been broken. Rather, that record has been shattered---by the blog I posted on Sunday about New Ross, Indiana. We had an excellent time there. What the people of the place do is---as my friends and I would have said years ago when I was growing up near West Middleton, Indiana---really neat.

   I did not ask any of the folks from New Ross what their politics were when they came onto Civil Discourse Now to talk about the play they were to put on last Saturday and Sunday. If I had told them my political views, most, perhaps, would have disagreed with me. This is the United States. Freedom of speech and thought are protected, especially under the Indiana Constitution. Later in The Show, after the New Ross Players who had been on had left, probably to prepare for the performance they were to stage in a few hours, Matt Stone and I "did" political stories and talked about various matters related to those stories.

   Perhaps I should have begun the show with the disclaimer: the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone in New Ross. Somehow, I don't think the disclaimer was necessary.

   Anyway, we shall return to New Ross in a couple of months or so, if they would be so gracious as to allow us to stream The Show from their environs. We broke the record for this blog with a story that focused on the good a community can do. In the case of New Ross, Indiana, that was easy. No place or people is perfect. There is so much that is good about New Ross, I felt good coming away from the place. Next time, however, I want to have a steak.

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