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Nearly Everyone Sees Folly in Our Current Drug Laws?

   Since 1976 I have argued that all drugs should be legalized. The guests that Paul Ogden and I were privileged to have on the Show as guests were Randy Miller of Drugfree Marion County and George Brenner, an addictions counselor with 38 years' experience. I erroneously anticipated they would take firm positons in opposition to any concept of decriminalization or legalization. If you watch and listen to the Show---click on the Videos tab on this page---you will realize such was not the case.

   Nicoloas Martin has responded to this blog by raising valid points. He suggested that the guests on this topic had a bias against legalization. Mr. Martin asked why we had not invited onto the program someone who advocates legalization on the basis of individual freedom. I thought I had addressed that during the Show. (Yes, I do upper-case for the Show; it is an important activity to me). I believe in regulations of drugs. A government agency would monitor quality. Sales would be regulated and through some sort of government stores. To this view, Mr. Martin takes exceptions.

   The point of the Show is to encourage civil discourse on the topics we have chosen. I have to admit, in the 35 years I have advanced a belief in legalization of all drugs, the policy I have been advocated never has been criticized for being too restrictive. That is refreshing.

   I was a hippie in the 1970s and the first part of the 1980s. Read into that statement what you wish. The "war on drugs" has wasted billions of dollars, ruined millions of lives with unnecessary criminal convictions, and created a self-perpetuating system of law enforcement/illegal trafficking. So-called drug lords probably oppose legalization as vehemently as some parts of law enforcement. And I would point out: I had invited law enforcement onto the Show.

   Saturday's Show is not the last time we shall address this topic. My hippie days are over. I still listen to "Magical Mystery Tour," but I smoke a cigar and drink a beer while doing so. But this is an important topic. Mr. Martin is correct when he emphasizes personal freedom as an important---if not THE important---aspect of the question of legalization.

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