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My somewhat different predictions for today's primary elections.

   Here are my own, somewhat different predictions for today’s primary elections:

   1) The race for the Republican Party nomination for United States Senate will not be very close. Senator Richard Lugar has distanced himself from this State and its people. State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. (as I prefer to pronounce it "Mor-dock" as in "Mordor; if you do not catch the allusion, read The Hobbit then the trilogy.) This will cause the Democratic National Committee to sit up and take notice because—suddenly—a previously "safe" Senate seat has become vulnerable. Scott Reske probably will beat Tony Long in the Democratic primary, even though I like Tony, who is a gentleman, experienced in union negotiations, and was gracious enough to appear on The Show.

   2) The adjective "bloody" is a traveling moniker for Indiana Congressional districts, its seems. This year there are several, with the blood being shed by Republicans, especially in the Second and the Eighth. The DNC will sit up even higher in its fine, polished leather seat (across the deep, mahogany table from its counterpart, the Republican National Committee—here both committees are fictionalized as individuals) and take notice because—suddenly—two previously "safe" House seats have become vulnerable.

   3) DNC starts to make telephone calls, send tweets, and shoot out e-mails to move funds from out-of-state banks to Indiana.  It is possible that their party can pick up one Senate and two House seats. Resources need to be moved to the Hoosier State.    

   4) President Obama will win his party’s nomination for re-election. His people will see the DNC sit up, stare at the flat-screens in whatever club it is they all frequent, and use phones. The President’s people will tug his sleeve at the same time as they call their Super Pac with directions to move a chunk of their funds to Indiana. Indiana no longer will be a solidly "red" state, but more a violet or magenta. Obama’s people will pull out i-Pad Xs—people in the political stratosphere have access to techno-crap far ahead of mere mortals—and access the lists of the undergrads who worked the campaigns in 2008. Those undergrads will be easy to find, either st ill as undergrads, pursuing post-graduate work, or employed as baristas at Starbucks.

   5) John Gregg will smile, brush his moustache a couple of times, and realize all of the above is happening. There will be a big Democratic undertow in Indiana, and he will be riding a surfboard on that wave.

   6) In Marion County ten (10) Democrats and ten (10) Republicans wills win their respective party’s nominations and go on to win in the general election in November.

   7) The price of conducting political polls will continue to increase.

   8) Still, no one will ask how Dan Coats got through the 2010 election without residency questions—a la Lugar and McIntosh—to win the other Indiana U.S. Senate seat.

   9) Bill Levin will sit on his backyard deck and commune with nature.

   The web page, btw, will undergo changes over the next couple of days and return to its fomer appearance.

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Comment by Mark Small on May 9, 2012 at 4:23am


Your statement is prudent and brings to mind the notion of "you ight not want what you wish for" or something like that.


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