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Music was good and I have no idea who performed it...

   That is not a partial recollection of my attendance of a concert in the 1970s.

   Yesterday we had an excellent Show. Guest panelists were Miah Akston, Andrew Kirch, and Jeff Cox at Claude & Annie's, 9351 East 141st Street, Fishers. If you did not catch The Show when it streamed "live," it will be re-aired this week on Indiana Talks dot com.

   We got home and I went out onto the deck to read, go on-line to check some things for The Show, and to smoke a cigar. The evening was mild and pleasant.

   Then I heard a voice over a PA, from the direction of the Indianapolis Art League, make a couple of announcements. After that music started. The first band was very good. The other music was good, but the first band was striking. I could not understand the lyrics the lead vocalist, a female, sang, because of the distance. But her range was fantastic and the background music, especially the keyboards on a couple of numbers, were very interesting. I checked out the schedule from last night's program at the Art League. Apparently the band is Matt & Kim. The experience was really cool. I could sit on the deck and listen to (what is to me) new music played "live."

   The only similar experience I have had was when I lived in Kokomo, in a basement apartment a couple of doors down from the Armory. I was slightly intoxicated and stepped outside one evening and heard a Freddie Fender song playing. I realized, after a few moments, it was Freddie Fender himself as he sang one of the covers he did that were hits and he was performing at the Armory. I went back inside. Nothing against Freddie, but I wasn't really big on his work, and it fell short of being worth the risk of acting as a target for passing gun enthusiasts in that part of Kokomoville.

   Matt & Kim? I had less risk on my deck, and the music not only was original w/them, but it was better. Kind of a neat Broad Ripple experience. 

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