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Money can be obtained for real $timulu$

COVID has devastated this country. Over 300K are dead and tens of millions of people thrown into economic chaos because there was no leadership from the Federal government. People need far more than $600 to exist.

There are several ways to obtain money for people in need. One: we need to slash a defense budget that has been absurdly high for decades. We will be more secure when we kill fewer people. We need factories, not aircraft carriers.

After all, access to our defense computer systems was probably at the top of Putin’s list of orders to trump in the days before January 20, 2017. That makes an aircraft carrier a multi-billion dollar sitting duck. How many do we have - 14?

We spend more money on weaponry and personnel than the next seven biggest spenders. Our military budget accounts for 37% of the World’s total military expenditures, according to the Peter G. Petersen Foundation. Our expenditures are counter-productive.

We bomb, or attack with drones, people half-way around the World. Some estimates of the accuracy of our drones is five percent (5%). That means we have 95% “collateral” damage. No matter the accuracy - or inaccuracy - of our weapons, we kill people.

Two: we need to negate the ludicrous tax cuts of the current administration. We need that money back and, in case you missed those boring peer reviewed studies, “trickle down” economics never worked, except for the very rich.

Three: legalize, and tax, all drugs. If we are going into a depression and the World is falling apart all around us, people might as well be able to catch a buzz. The “war on drugs” worked as well as trickle down economics.

Four: establish single-payor for health care. Advanced countries have some variation of socialized health care. We are number 1 in cost, but 37 in quality. People who warn of dangers associated with socialized health care are lying.

Five: wipe out student loan debt. No advanced countries of the World force people into debt for education. People like Betsy DeVos can choke on their yacht payments. Big banks hold that debt. They’ve made sufficient profits from it. I might be a dreamer, but the alternative is a nightmare.

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