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Media coverage of THE Constitutional Convention!

   Last Wednesday I wrote about two bills before the Indiana Senate that address the selection of delegates to a constitutional convention, were one to be convened under provisions of Article V of the United States Constitution. Imagine the media frenzy that could ensue if such an event took place ...

 CNN:  This is Wolf Blitzer from the Situation Room where you have The Best Coverage of the Constitutional Convention. Later this hour we will have interviews of the chairs of several of the States' delegations---Governor Bobby Shindal of Louisiana, former Governor Palin of Alaska, and one of the recently-paroled former governors of Illinois---we are not yet certain which former governor that will be. That State's chair was selected by a hybrid lottery and bidding process, since the individual States are free to determine the process by which their delegates are chosen.

   CBS: CBS's coverage of "21st Century Change" will begin with the kickoff concert two blocks from the convention site at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Organizers of the Convention agreed to balance the lineup for the concert. In fact, as you know from last week's reports, that debate was more contentious than the agenda for the Convention itself. Finally, Ted Nugent was conceded a slot after the opening act of The Dixie Chicks, followed by Hank Williams, Jr., Bruce Springsteen, Canadian rocker Neil Young, and, although he is British but because he is gay and plays both sides---politically in his views, but also in his availability, in that he did the gig at Rush Limbaugh's wedding---Sir Elton John with a song written as a special tribute to the Convention, "Goodbye John Jay," a farewell to the old Constitution that appears on the verge of the scrap pile of history after these proceedings.

   ABC: ABC coverage of "New Dawn for the United States---the New Constitution"---is sponsored by Hyundai! Wheels for the new country! And Tsingtao Beer! Need a moment of freshness after a hard day as a member of the working class? Pop open a cold Tsingtao! And SONY---builder of the largest plasma screen TV in the world for coverage of the Convention in the specially-built mall on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

   Wall Street Journal:  This Special Edition of The Wall Street Journal will premiere our Page Three Girl! That's right! News Corporation has brought its iconic feature to The Journal courtesy of sponsor Hooters(r)!

   MSNBC: Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, Chris Matthews, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and Lawrence O'Donnell were scheduled to cover the Convention but technical difficulties will prevent that coverage. Instead, audiences may watch "Heidi"---and not the version with Shirley Temple.

   Fox News: We apologize that Fox coverage of the Convention will be hampered by the absence of Sean Hannity and others from our nightly lineup, as each of them is serving as a delegate to the convention. We instead will show the great American classic "Heidi," starring Shirley Temple.

   Hmmm. I wonder what issues they would cover at such a convention? 

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