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Maybe all that corruption was not legal: tax sales and busts by the FBI.

   A few days ago I blogged about Greg Ballard's "legal corruption." The point was that so many actions of his administration that reek of "corruption," as defined in The American College Dictionary, are not illegal. For example, out in the open and in front of everybody, he awarded a sweet deal to a big campaign contributor on the Broad Ripple parking garage. If there was no money under the table, only money out there contributed consistently with applicable campaign laws, and Mayor Ballard simply expressed his gratitude with the free parking garage and all proceeds therefrom, then no law was broken.

   Now, however, it appears laws have been broken. 

   For gratuities (i.e., bribes) it is alleged that tax sales of properties in the City were placed on a fast-track and sold to not-for-profit entities. Maybe the corruption has been of different varieties.


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