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Marjorie Jackson's murder as told in Dick Cady's great book "Scavengers."

   Before Marjorie Jackson was murdered in May, 1977, she had withdrawn millions of dollars---in cash---from what then was Indiana National Bank.  Those millions were not the only items of currency on her property. She was the widow of the son of the founder of a grocery store chain. Her husband had grown up in a family business largely cash-driven. Marjorie was accustomed to her husband bringing home cash and hiding it in various places around the home they eventually purchased on Indy's north side.

   Marjorie Jackson was bizarre. She set out fine china and silver table settings in her dining room for Jesus, his dad, and the Virgin Mary for the time Jesus came back. Alongside the table settings were little gifts of fine jewelry. When some thugs realized she had a lot of money---and paid cash at stores with old Federal Reserve notes---they thought she would be an easy target for a burglary.

   "Scavengers" is Dick Cady's book about the Jackson murder. Mr. Cady, a Pulitzer Prize winner for journalism from his days at the Indy Star, when the Star was a real newspaper, covers more than just the murder. Although the murder, and its aftermath, provide a very good story, Mr. Cady delves into the history of the Jackson family, the way in which Marjorie met her future husband, and details of the history of Indianapolis that give meaningful context to the book.

   Mr. Cady will be our guest on "Civil Discourse Now" this Saturday, May 18. We stream "live" at 11 a.m. His book is available at Amazon. I am confident he will have copies available for purchase and autographs at The Show.

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