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March 1 Show: hunger in the country, Big Banks and we'll be at Big Poppa's, 9045 Crawfordsville Road.

   Saturday will be St. David's Day, a national holiday in Wales.

   Since childhood, my father led me to believe I was of Scottish descent. In 2008, on a trip to Kansas City and a detour to an Irish heritage museum, a guide ran a computer search of family trees. When she asked if I wanted mine run, I blew her off and said there was no need to do a search on me. She said perhaps I would be surprised. She ran the search, called over a co-worker, and pointed at the screen. She uttered an epithet. I asked what was wrong. She said, "We don't get many hits like this. We can track your lineage all the way back to the 1660s when your ancestors stepped ashore from---Wales." Scotland's national dish is a sheep's stomach filled with thistle. In Wales people like casseroles. In Scotland the terrain is rocky and cold. Wales is a place of glens and forests. One of Scotland's national heroes was played by Mel Brooks. Wales produced King Arthur and Merlin. More recently, Wales has been the birthplace of Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery. I will take Wales, although it has meant I donated the tartan tie to GoodWill(r).

   Saturday's Show will stream "live" on "Indiana Talks" from Big Poppa's, 9045 Crawfordsville Road.The menu is supposed to be excellent. Ron, the owner of Big Poppa's, might stop by for a word or two.

    Scheduled as guests are folks from Second Helpings, 1121 Southeastern Avenue in Indianapolis, and Gleaner's Food Bank, 3737 Waldemere Avenue. We will talk about the services these non-profits offer and the present state of people who are without means by which to obtain food for themselves and their families.

   We also will discuss Big Banks with John Strinka, veteran guest of the Show and Vice-Chairperson of the Socialist Party.

   You can go to Indiana Talks and download a free app for "Indiana Talks."


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