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Make sure trump is never near The Oval Office again

In his 2nd inaugural address, Pres Abraham Lincoln saw reconstruction of our country after The Civil War and said: “With malice toward none, with charity for all.” [FN1] Lincoln sought to “unify a broken nation.” [FN2] The Civil War was not sparked overnight. 1/8

Preservation of the institution of slavery ripped this country apart, and not because abolition was an overarching goal of the North, but because southern States seceded from the Union over the issue of slavery. [FN3] Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President. 2/8

People were bitter about the greatest battlefield carnage in the history of this country. There was a long way to go. Slavery ended, but civil rights still, involve a struggle today. Women still had no rights. Indigenous people were regularly killed and moved off lands that had value. 3/8

Lincoln said “With malice toward none...” All that trump wants to bring if he steals the Oval Office is malice: “desire to inflict injury or suffering on another.” [FN4] trump vowed he would be a dictator for “one day” and there will be deportation of millions. 4/8

What carnage on the scale of The Civil War occurred that would justify bitterness so great that an individual so unhinged and far right-wing as trump is headed and the words of Lincoln forgotten?
The answer: nothing. This iteration of the Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln. 5/8

Make sure you are eligible and registered to vote in the general election on November 5. All of us should research. If you oppose abandonment of The Constitution and imposition of a dictatorship don’t vote for trump or anyone who kisses his butt. I’m a GOP precinct committee person. 6/8

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