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Listen to "Indiana Talks," including The Show, via this website---please.

   Every Thursday, we do a 20-minute or so bit with Gary Snyder on his "The Gary Snyder Show."

   Gary Snyder started the "Indiana Talks" internet network of Indiana-based talk "radio"---although few are terrestrial radio---shows at the start of the year. The network is carried on Live365 under "talk," and also at several places on the internet. Since sources for local news coverage have expired with great frequency in recent years, thanks in large part to the internet, it only seems rational that we should turn to internet sources for such coverage. People on the shows Gary has included on "Indiana Talks" discuss topics of local, state, national, and international scope. So the focus is---or foci are---beyond the local.  

   I would observe as follows about Gary Snyder: 1) His idea to create the "Indiana Talks" network was innovative and takes a lot of work; 2) He has assembled a line-up of shows that represent varied views of politics and reality; 3) He is a person with whom I, at least, probably others, find it easy to work. In other words, Kudos to him for what he has done and continues to do.

   As I began to write, we are on Gary's show at 4:07 on each Thursday to discuss the next "Civil Discourse Now" shoot. Gary pointed out week before last that Ogden on Politics leads other websites with "launches" on "Indiana Talks." Someone may correct me if I am wrong on this point---and I know Nic Martin always is vigilant in comments about what he perceives as matters about which I am inaccurate or wrong---but that is a measure of how many people tune into the "Indiana Talks" programs through particular websites. As of week before last, Ogden on Politics dot com was the lead sources, with Gary Welsh's Advance Indiana closing the gap.

   If you listen to the Show, please do so through this website.

   This week we shall discuss development(s) in Broad Ripple, including the possible residential parking permit program, with Clarke Kahlo and Dan Sockrider will be guest panelists. We shall stream "live" from 11 am to 1 pm at Good Earth in Broad Ripple, on Guilford Avenue just north of the Canal.

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