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Libertarian Party and Socialist Central Committee, Ltd., representatives today, Saturday 18 at 11 am at Big Hat Books!

   Two weeks in a row on the same topic?

   Yes, we are doing that—but look at the topic: efficacy of third parties in American politics.

   Today our guests will be Chris Spangle of the Libertarian Party and Timothy Platt, Executive Director of the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd.

   Other local shows do not cover alternative parties. Most voters—look at the numbers in the elections—do not give alternative parties the benefit of thought enough to vote for a candidate of an alternative party.

   The system is locked down. There are two parties, Democratic and Republican.

   How did that happen? Did the white, male, slave-holding (at least 20 of the 53) delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 intend to create a two-party system? Thomas Jefferson and George Washington might have been high (they smoked pot), but not that high. The Framers of the Constitution viewed the development of "factions" ( what we would call political parties) as bad.

   So, shortly after the Constitutional Convention adjourned, parties developed. "Do as I say; not as I do." There were the Federalists ("for" the Constitution) and the Anti-Federalists (I’ll let you figure out their stand). The Anti-Federalists morphed into TJ’s Republican Party. Later, it became what we call today the Democratic Party.

   Civil Discourse Now will endeavor to invite and have on as panelists representatives and candidates of as many alternatives as possible. And how many "third" parties are there?

   The Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties have been labeled by one source as the "Big Three" of third parties. I counted at least 44 parties. If they have representatives in Indiana, we’ll try to invite them on.

   Today, Saturday, February 18, "Civil Discourse Now" will shoot. All are invited to attend. Of course we shall discuss issues in the context of our guests’ respective parties’ platforms, but once again the focus of the discourse will be the efficacy of third parties today in American politics.

   Later in the political season, we shall host candidates from various parties to appear on The Show.

   We shoot at 11 a.m. on Saturdays at Big Hat Books, 6510 Cornell Avenue, Indianapolis. Anyone who wishes to come to the Show is welcome. 

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