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December 15 e-mail from Indiana GOP state chair Kyle Hupfer: “Chuck Schumer is determined to win [Georgia’s Senate] seats and erase our GOP majority in the Senate, and we can’t let that happen. The Senate might be our last line of defense ...

...against the radical left and their progressive policies! Please join in helping us defend our Republican majority in the Senate by supporting Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in Georgia.” I could not let this “funder” go by without comment.

Dear Kyle: Politics is not a team sport in which winning is the only concern. For most of its existence, the Republican Party has been a progressive party. Abolition of slavery and reduction of income disparities were initial core goals.

In the late 1800s, as unfettered capitalism showed its evils, the GOP responded with limits on monopolies and advocacy for the environment. Estate taxes were advocated by people like Teddy Roosevelt - a child of wealth.

Republicans were less inclined to support sending U.S. military forces hither and yon. Some of the greatest growth of our infrastructure occurred in the 1950s, when tax rates - under Republican President Eisenhower - were far higher than today.

GOP President Nixon’s nominees to the Supreme Court were pivotal in Roe v Wade becoming the law of the land. And let’s not forget the EPA and the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, all part of a legacy of which Richard Nixon was proud.

What you advocate - defending the Senate majority - is a position that will lead to stalled government. The nests of the wealthy get feathered by both major political parties, but far more frequently by the GOP. McConnell has had years to show what he could do positively with a Senate majority.

We have 300,000 dead from COVID because of this iteration of the GOP. Loeffler and Perdue traded stocks with their insider information. Are their profits a GOP “plus”? I shall not contribute to the campaigns in Georgia. Disgruntled GA supporters of the would-be dictator (who holds The Oval Office until 1/20/21) are peachy-keen to boycott the January special election.

There is no room for racism and hatred in either major political party. It has been almost 100 years since D.C. Stephenson was removed from leadership of the KKK here after his conviction for the homicide of Madge Oberholzer. Such “leaders” as have emerged from trump’s several years also should be removed.

Would you have backed Stephenson 100 years ago? More importantly, do you support a hate-monger, such as trump, now? Sincerely, Mark Small. GOP precinct committee person, Marion County, Washington Township Precinct 21-01.

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