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Left-wing call-in show w/secret decoder rings & everything!

ONE: a call-in show sponsored by someone FROM THE LEFT. TWO: premieres tomorrow, February 4. THIRD: I’ll get to that.

On January 6, trump incited idiotic violent bullies to flood The Capitol and they, in turn, have scared the excrement out of GOP members of Congress who, in turn, are trying to bully other members of Congress.

Bullies are chicken ... well, to be polite, CS. (See, “American Graffiti”.) They bully others after having been bullied themselves. This thuggery has played out in public office for the last four years, and in a heightened and distorted form in public discourse since November 3.

A grotesque bully only recently departed The Oval Office. In his childhood he was bullied by his old man. His later years have been no kinder thanks to Putin. trump likes to push around people who are weaker or, with his thugs, he outnumbers.

It’s time to confront the bullies. Tomorrow at 4:20 pm EST - well, whatever this part of Indiana is - Civil Discourse Now will be on Facebook and YouTube and we’ll be live and ready to receive phone calls.

Years ago Bill Maher said we have two parties, “one without brains and the other without balls.” The GOP in its present iteration is the former. The latter? Damn straight. Women have taken more of the lead of The Democratic Party.

Here, in Indiana, I’ve seen enough chicken ... salad. On Civil Discourse Now, bullies will not talk over anyone. Oh, and this - you can’t have an underground conspiracy without secret decoder rings. See you tomorrow!

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